Throughout my career my principle aim in my workshops has been to help people
to free up their artistic energies and find their creative selves in their own personal
journey. In today’s fast moving times I consider it particularly important to
encourage people to reflect, to be mindful, to take time out.
I have led a range of lectures, seminars and workshops in my „Filzhotel Studio“ in
the Swabian Alps, and today I still offer felting workshops with various themes,
involving mainly clothing as well as bags, hats and other accessories and carpets.
For me it is important to mentor each student individually, but I am happy to offer
group projects, such as collaboration on the creation of a felt carpet by family members,
school classes or work colleagues. Many people find that these joint endeavours
leave behind particularly deep and rich memories. All my workshops can be
tailor made to the participants‘ requirements.
We have also designed a further education programme which provides beginners
with skills and techniques in feltmaking as well as an introduction to the basics of
design. It is important to us that each student finds a personal approach expressed
through the medium.


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